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8 Tips to Dress Up Your Living Room Without Breaking Your Bank

8 Tips to Dress Up Your Living Room Without Breaking Your Bank

Styling up your home doesn’t mean you have to spend big bucks to do so. Perhaps you’d rather spend your money on a big life event - wedding, buying a new house etc. Or maybe your money’s tight this month but you still want to give your home a budget-friendly boost with DIY styling and affordable home decor. Follow these small and easy updates that’d make big impact on your home.


1. Declutter Your Home

The number one rule before decorating your home is getting rid of something that is worn, damaged or kills off the entire vibe of your home. Taking away these items can give your home a fresh, clean slate to start off with.


 2. Repainting your home

To add some vibrant personality to your home, have fun picking out a color palette that goes well with your style if you feel your home looks bleak.


3. Rearrange your furniture

Moving your furniture around your room can give you a new, fresh perspective and it’ll look completely different on a whole new angle. Plus it’s completely free and you can do it on the weekends.


4. Get creative with indoor plants

Adding indoor plants adds life to any room you choose. Choose smaller plants you can nurture if you want to start small. Or perhaps a big, leafy plant to open up your room space.


5. Create a wall gallery

Using your living room as a place to display your favorite framed art pieces is a great way to cover up your bare walls and keep them busy. Play around with different shapes and sizes of frame designs to experiment with fun details.


6. Choose affordable art pieces

Hunt for reasonable art at your nearest vintage shop or online stores that you can get the most bang for your buck. Be original by mixing and matching quality pieces with affordable finds.


7. Just buy one

Look out for duplication. Buying the same thing will make your items look less special. For example, buying a side table that resembles your coffee table at home will dim the spark of your home.


8. Visit thrift stores

If you’re a canny decorator on a budget, planning  out your treasure hunt at your local thrift stores is a go-to weekend activity to hunt down precious finds that will make your home a unique place for less. Search for muted colors, natural textures with minimal decorations.



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